Actuator block MOD 10 for 6 function 24VDC


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The servo control MOD10 is a block of modular hydraulic pistons, electrically controlled by a couple of proportional valves, with mechanical feedback.
The product has a high reliability thanks to careful engineering and production process carried out with the most
advanced technologies.
The installation of this block adds to a hydraulic valve the remote control, by cable or by radio. The specific design for the dual control rods allows its installation on any type of hydraulic mechanical valve.
Electrical specifications:
Power supply: 12V or 24V
Working current range: 600 ÷ 1400 mA (12V)
300 ÷ 700 mA (24V)
Frequency: 50 Hz
Mechanical stroke: ±13 mm
Feedback: Mechanical
Fluid type: Mineral oil 10 ÷ 200 cSt
Max working pressure: 30 bar
Max thrust: 1300 N (at 30 bar)
Weight ( : 1.6 kg approx.
Dimensions (mm):
Connections: G1/4" BSPP
Working temp. range: -20 ÷ +60 °C
Max blow-by: 100 cc/minute
each section)

PWM solenoids (voltage signal)

Our MOD10 hydraulic blocks, installed on the dual control rods, allow the radio remote control to activate the control valve. The control is particularly precise and reliable. Furthermore, with all our Scanreco radio remote controls it is possible to customize currents, speeds, ramps and much more.

Complete system available:

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