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12V hydraulic valve

Published : 09/03/2018 11:13:51
Categories : Hydraulic valves

12V hydraulic valve is very popular product in mechanical engineering and power hydraulics. In simple words it is closed tube with two holes and piston inside. One hole is used to attach hose and deliver oli to piston, and make it move with power created by the pump. Second hole is to attach the second hose to transport oil from valve to propel hydraulic cylinder. They can be used in closed or open circulation of liqud. There are few types of valves and we can divide them by build or type of control. There are one directional, overflow or multi-section. 12V hydraulic valve can be controlled electrically or manually with additional levers or using both types. That makes it as a perfect solution for vehicles and machines like HDS-edged and cranes which require the ability to control distributor of two places: electrically form the comfortable cabin and levers standing directly on the valve. You can find them also in diggers, forklifts and even planes.

Main parameters of every valve are diameters of the piston and threads, efficiency of flow (measured by liters per minute), maximum pressure they can stand.

Levers of 12V hydraulic valve

Most levers of standard 12V hydraulic valves have got three positions, first is neutral – when lever is positioned vertically - piston cylinder stand and oil goes to overflow, second for work - lever set to slant forward – piston cylinder extends, third also working – lever set to slant backward - piston cylinder retracts. You can find also valves with two position levers, but they can be used in many configurations mentioned before. Sometimes producers use levers with springs, so they can be easily operated and goes defined position after releasing. Valves with springs are mostly designed to go neutral or back to beginning position.

The other information

Electric control of the 12V hydraulic valve looks almost the same as with levers. The main difference is use servomotors that moves the piston into the right positions.

12V hydraulic valves should work in ambient temperature between -40°C to +60°C and oil temperature above -15°C and beyond +80°C. Type of oil is defined by producer and type of valve.

12 V hydraulic valve pdf data sheet

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