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2 spool loader valve

Published : 10/09/2018 11:17:44
Categories : Hydraulic valves

2 spool loader valve is a very similar issue to the 2 spool hydraulic valve described on our other page. The principle of operation of these two devices is very similar to each other, but in this particular case the 2 spool loader valve applies to the valves used in the chargers. It is also widely used in backhoe loaders, forklift trucks and other popular construction machines.

The very construction of a 2 spool loader valve is also not different from its hydraulic equivalent. It is also a sealed case with cylinder inside. It has 2 sockets to attach hoses, one from the pump and second for more devices. Fluid under pressure can flow into 2 spool hydraulic valve from the pump into the hydraulic devices, or drain out of them back into a hydraulic storage tank. A controller moves the valve back and forward in its case to slide the spools into different positions. The 2 spool loader valve consists of lands and grooves. The lands block oil flow but the grooves allow oil to flow around the spools and through the valve body. The position of the spool will only allow the hydraulic fluid to flow in one direction to perform a specific task.

2 spool loader valves can also be divided to couple groups such as: directional valves, check valves, drain valves and shut-off valves.

2 spool loader valves can have different types of control depending on the task to be performed and the device in which they are installed in. There are some groups : direct-operated, pilot-operated, manually operated and electrically operated.

Often, a low power solenoid valve is used to operate a small hydraulic valve (called the pilot) that starts a flow of fluid that drives a larger hydraulic valve that requires more force.

A direct-operated 2 spool loader valve is either electrically controlled with solenoids, mechanically (for example manually) controlled with levers or rollers, or controlled with. Whether a 2 spool loader valve is direct- or pilot-operated depends on the actuating force needed to move the spool. This is dependent on the nominal size of the directional spool valve (flow).

Manually operated loader valves work with simple levers or paddles where the operator applies force to operate the valve and electrically operated directional control loader valves make use of electromechanical solenoids for sliding of the spool.

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