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Electric spool valve

Published : 11/02/2018 12:29:21
Categories : Hydraulic valves

Electric spool valve is an element that allows an incredible flow control. The opening and closing of the valves themselves can be carried out by means of moving parts, levers or rims. However, these special valves mentioned here are electrically controlled by means of an electric coil - a solenoid. They are designed to change the direction of liquid flow in the hydraulic system, which allows the start / stop sequence.

The most important element in the electric spool valve is the slider. It can take a flat or cylindrical shape, in other words a piston. The most common choice among entrepreneurs is the one with the reciprocating valve. By changing its position, the piston opens or closes the channel in which the liquid flows. Electric spool valve is used to change the direction of the receiver's movement, which is most often the piston rod.

Such valves are primarily resistant even to the most difficult conditions. Thanks to electric control, we can operate such valves, for an instance, by a various types of panels. Valves of this type are eagerly used in construction or industrial machines.

Electric spool valves consist of sliders, springs, buttons, body and most importantly - electromagnets. The last ones are crucial for the overall operation of the entire device. Their only drawback is heating up to very high temperatures, which means they must be mounted in a place where we can be sure that nobody accidentally touches them, for example. It is also worth paying attention to the tightness of all cables and good adhesion of all connectors and plugs. All operations around this element should be performed by qualified personnel to avoid any type of accidents, deterioration of the element or other undesirable situations.

Thanks to its simple construction, the electric spool valve is very resistant to all kinds of damage. Thanks to that, we can find them in many branches of business. Thanks to them, the work of many mining or agricultural machines has become much lighter and simpler.

Spool valves have become very popular because of their versatility. We have many types of connections available for them. They are also available in various diameters, and the range of temperatures which they can work at is really impressive. They are resistant to cracking, corrosion and many other environmental factors that may affect their proper operation.

 The multitude of products on the market makes electric spool valves ideally suited to your type of business and your individual needs and even the most difficult special conditions. The products fit perfectly to pressure, various types of machines, high temperatures, valve sizes, flow and many other elements.




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