Galtech pumps

Published : 07/15/2020 10:42:21
Categories : Hydraulic valves

Galtech  pumps

Galtech Gear pumps are a type of pump that are used in industry and transport. They are pumps with constant performance. They are characterized by simple construction and durability.

The external toothed gear pump consists of two identical gears as tight as possible embedded in the body. The rotating gears collect the liquid from the suction chamber into the interdental spaces by transporting it to the pressure chamber. One of the wheels is driven by an external source.


Galtech pumps are three-part pumps with an aluminum body and aluminum or cast iron flanges, available in single or multiple pump configurations . They can be stacked with pumps from different families. A wide range of shafts and flanges. Configurations with integrated valves are available.

There are three groups of pumps:

  • Group 1

Displacement cm ³:from 0,89 to 9,78

Max. Pressure bar: up to 260
Speed rotation rpm: up to 6000

  • Group 2

Displacement cm ³:from 4 to 31,5

Max. Pressure bar: up to 250
Speed rotation rpm: up to 4000

  • Group 3

Displacement cm ³:from 19,3 to 77,2

Max. Pressure bar: up to 250

Speed rotation rpm: up to 3500

This kind of pomps can be used in many areas of power hydraulics, and above all for mobile and industrial applications.

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