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Hydraulic joystick control

Published : 11/16/2018 13:50:20
Categories : Hydraulic valves

Every hydraulic system must be controlled by something. Of course skipping the fact about start / stop button outside every construction machine or hydraulic system for safety reasons, you can control your hydraulic system by few devices in your comfortable pilot cabin or from your remotely controller.  

Usually people think about video games when they hear about the joysticks and they are not exactly wrong because devices responsible by hydraulic system moves are very similar to joysticks used to play video games back in the days and are not that hard to understand. In most models you will find the start / stop button on or under the joystick. What is important before you can start your loader work is the power it can take. You can control that amount by setting the knob responsible for gas of the engine. Setting it in the middle is the most frequently chosen option by workers.

In most models joysticks are responsible for lifting hydraulic system in horizontal and vertical moves. Depending by the model you are using under the joystick you can find few buttons assigned for lights, speed of the moves and many more.

Nowadays you can find as many hydraulic joysticks you can imagine and modify their options and possibilities. Besides the fact about manual start / stop button in every hydraulic system you can work with your hydraulic system by remotely joystick. These devices are much stronger and more effective than ever before. Most of the models are exceptionally strengthened to prevent breaking it’s components inside the device if they are for example dropped on a hard ground. They must take big damage because they hide in themselves most powerful transmitters to prevent every noise of the signal to keep your work easy secure.

Depending by the model you will choose you can modify almost every of the remote hydraulic joystick controllers even in design level. If you prefer rubber buttons go ahead and modify them! Just unplug the locker change the buttons and that’s it.



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