Hydraulic joysticks

Published : 11/13/2018 12:23:39
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Hydraulic joysticks

We live in beautiful times when we are abble to work from very comfortable pilot cabin and do the work no one were dreaming about back in the days. New machines are stronger and more precise than ever before and we can control them by a gentle touch of out hands and sometimes even fingers. Nowadays enginery must be perfect in every detail even the smallest ones.

Every machine need something responsible to control it. Especially hydraulic systems. You can control hydraulic systems with electric joysticks. That type allows to be used even remotely in a lot of new models. You can control hydraulic systems by manual joysticks as well. You can almost always find manual joysticks in hydraulic systems next to the the valve in the old machines.

In some models you can lock the joystick in one position if it’s needed that way or chose an option ‘return to 0 point’ and the system will comeback to neutral position when there’s no move detected.

However, using remotely joysticks does not affect the fact about installing manual “start / stop” buttons in every hydraulic system in case of a threat or a demanding situation. Safety above everything!

Hydraulic joystick is an input device consisting of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the hydraulic system it is controlling. Hydraulic joystick, also known as the control column, is the principal control device in the cabin of many construction machines.

In some models by the employee's convenience and needs you can change length of the joystick, size of end-head and many others! Many workers prefer to pick rubber end-head for a better grip and precision. But design properties are not most important. What is important is possibilities. Depending on the model and construction machine you are in you can find the whole palette of capabilities which can be used by pressing suitable buttons. What is the most beautiful in that situation is the fact you can modify almost every one of them, of course depending by the model of hydraulic joystick and construction machine you are in.

No matter if you are using remote hydraulic joystick or the manual version because nowadays you are abble to find exactly needed one or modify already owned.



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