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Joystick hydraulic control valve

Published : 11/16/2018 13:00:13
Categories : Hydraulic valves

Joystick hydraulic control valve is an irreplaceable part of today's hydraulics. It allows you to control the flow with the help of a joystick, which greatly facilitates the work with the whole device to which the hydraulic control valve is connected.

As a rule, the hydraulic control valve joystick has four directions in which the joystick can move - up, down, right and left. Part of the more modern joystick loader control valve will additionally have a fifth direction. This feature is very useful in many segments of today's business. This is the only position from which the joystick will not automatically return to the zero position, because from every other direction this will happen. What's more, in this position we still have the opportunity to operate in four other directions, which further improves the efficiency of the work performed.

The valve itself operates as a standard through the flow of hydraulic fluid through it in the appropriate directions, pressure is generated, which then causes the movement of the respective elements and, consequently, the movement of the desired element.

The latest and at the same time the most expensive joystick hydraulic control valves offer, apart from the already mentioned fifth position, one additional joystick position, which also exceptionally improves the work of the backhoe loader operator. The sixth direction can be arbitrarily assigned to the right movement. Thanks to the use of such a solution, the operator's work is even easier, and the comfort of work increases incomparably.

Therefore, when buying a hydraulic control valve joystick, it is worth paying attention to the previously described items, because not every manufacturer will offer such solutions, and they are incredibly convenient. Four or five joystick positions virtually guarantee us that the manufacturer offers us solutions and materials from the top shelf. The same applies to the purchase of backhoe loaders, which are often the joystick of the hydraulic control valve is a key part. A good choice of this element can often bring us satisfaction in the future and often also save time, which is often priceless.



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