JUUKO HS-K series radio remote control systems

Published : 03/08/2018 22:47:04
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JUUKO HS-K series radio remote control systems

JUUKO HS-K series radio remote control systems

JUUKO Industrial Radio Remote Control SHUN HU Technology Co. Ltd is one of leading manufacturers of remote control systems nowadays. This company, established in Taiwan in 1994, delivers high-class radio controlled remote systems to over 40 countries. Company products have a wider and wider range of applications.

The present article briefly focuses on JUUKO HS-K series systems.

Components of JUUKO HS-K series remote control systems

JUUKO radio controlled systems of HS-K series consist of a transmitter and a receiver.

Transmitters are equipped with 2 to 12 squarish single or double-action pushbuttons, a START/Horn switch, an emergency off (EMO) knob at the top of a housing, red and green LED indicators. They indicate a.o. status of batteries power level. Double-action buttons enable controlling speed of movement (slow or fast). A transmitter works at 433.0525-434.7775MHz frequency range and features 50-100ms response time for commands. It is powered with 2 LR6(AA)1.5V batteries. An internal antenna ensures up to 100-metre operating range. A programming connector is placed under batteries in a battery compartment.

Receivers have identical frequency ranges and response time as transmitters do. They can be powered with 24-264V AC/DC. A receiver is equipped a.o. with an internal antenna, a programming port, 2A and 5A fuses.

Both devices have durable housings of polyamid with addition of glass fibre. They can be operated and stored in -20 ℃ to +55 ℃ and -40 ℃ to +65 ℃, respectively. The transmitter has anti-slip covers and a loop for a belt.

Pairing of both devices can be done wirelessly by using keyboard pushbuttons. If necessary, they can be easily updated via computers.

Using, functioning and maintenance of JUUKO HS-K systems

JUUKO HS-K radio remote control systems are intended mainly for cranes, scissor lifts, travelling cranes as well as self-dumping machines and vehicles. They are compatible with most of brands and can work even in unfavourable weather conditions.

JUUKO HS-K series RC systems should be used in areas with no obstructions to ensure safe and proper operation. Receivers, mounted on machines and vehicles, cannot be screened or attached directly to their housings. Compliance with the above principles helps to avoid harmul interference and malfunction. In case of necessity, devices automatically switch between frequency channels.

To ensure proper operation and durability, devices - especially their pushbuttons, contacts and antennas - should be kept clean. If a repair is necessary, it should be done only by a qualified electrotechnician and with using JUUKO brand spare parts.


These days, using of radio remote control systems manufactured by JUUKO is more and more popular. It does not wonder as these compact and durable, universal and technologically advanced devices are highly reliable. Additionally, they are aesthetic, handy and easy to use.




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