HCD Actuator kit to mount on Hydrocontrol valve 4 functions 12 V or 24 V


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Actuator valve with full proportional solenoids to mount on manually controlled Hydrocontrol valve

Price for: actuator block 4 functions + remote radio: transmitter + receiver + all cables , charger, 2 x batteries

order time: 3-4 weeks, available versions: 12 V or 24V

for special require we can supply the same kit for 5 functions valve.

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- Place the block on a surface or a container that can detain the oil leaked from
the parts during the assembly operations.
- Unscrew the two drilled terminals (11) with a monkey wrench of 19 mm.
- Remove the blind terminals (12) from the block.
- Place the new sections next to the others remembering to put the couple of
brass rings (13) between each section, in correspondence of the modules
lateral holes (8).
Verify that these holes must have the O-Ring.
- Use the new blind terminals included in the kit and insert them between the
sideways holes following the direction shown in figure 1 and 2. Be sure to
cross also the brass rings.
- Screw the two drilled terminals to tighten together the modules.
- Insert the two brass bushes (1) in the spring (2) as shown in figure 4.
- Insert the space washer (3) into the right brass bush (2). NOTE: this washer
is not included in the kit, use the washer located on the section of the HCD valve
where the module will be mounted.
- Insert the spring and the two brass bushes in the aluminium cube (4) and
fix them to the valve with two M5x40 screws (5) using a setscrew wrench
of 4 mm.
- Repeat the previous operations for each section.
- Unscrew the plug (9) from the back of the module (setscrew wrench of 5 mm).
- Lock the screw inside the hole to fix the piston (6) to the valve (setscrew
wrench of 4 mm). The piston must across the space washer (3).
- Repeat the previous two operations for each section.
- Fix the module body (7) to the aluminum cube with two M5x90 screws (10)
using a setscrew wrench of 4 mm.
- Repeat the previous operation for each section.

Please check your valve we are able to supply kit for below valves:

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5 10% Up to 2 800 $
10 15% Up to 8 400 $
20 25% Up to 28 000 $

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