Remote radio with valve for Carelift 12 or 24 V


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OurIT128 is available in 2 different versions that can be choosen according to the application requirements:
- allows to keep the original control of the machine, by means of hydraulic joysticks, together with the remote control option
- removes the original control of the machine, keeping active only the remote control option

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The proportional block can be used with a remote control to drive servo controlled hydraulic machines.
Look at it as a good alternative to add an additional control to the system currently installed on the machine (ex. hydraulic joystick son the driver'scab).
A variation of the command current (PWM) of the coils of the block changes proportionally its flow, moving the machine hydraulic directional valve.
Since the driver's cab joysticks of the machine are no more essential, the driver can move near the machine working field (e.g. to verify that the work is done correctly)or far from it increasing his safety.
It has been designed in modular for mallowing the assembly of sections up to 8 functions.
On request, we can supply also an exchange solenoid valve to select the working mode of the machine (manual or remote controlled).
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