Hydraulic valve 4 sections HM line 90 l/min 24 gpm 12V double acting cylinder spool + Remote Radio HM-Line 800 12V

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Hydraulic valve 4 sections HM line 90 l/min  24 gpm 12V double acting for cylinder spool


Remote Radio HM-Line 800 12V for 4 functions hydraulic valve (double way spool)

Simple remote radio for on/off solenoids include transmitter + receiver withwires

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Valve offerts excellent operating characteristics for nominal flow rate 90l/min and operating pressure up to 315 bar. Also is equipped with an adjusteble main relief valve . Available in parallel (in standard) and series cirucuit. Load Hold Check valve . Wide range of spool options . Interchangable fi16 mm Spools.  Carry-over and closed center option.

Working conditions:
Recommended Oil Viscosity Range : 10 cSt to 75 cSt
Recommended Fluid Temperature Range: - 20 to + 80
Environmental Temperature Range : - 40 to + 60
Maximum Contamination Level : Class 10 (NAS 1638) 19/16 (ISO 4406)

Technical Specifications:
Nominal Flow: 90l/min  (24 US gpm)
Maximum Working Pressure: 315 bar  (4600 psi)
Maximum Back : 30 bar (430 psi)
Internal Leakage: 4 cc-9 cc (0,24-0,54 in3/m)

Standard & Optional Threads:


P-P1-T1   = G 1/2"

        A/B = G 1/2"

         T2 = G 3/4"

           T = G 3/4"

Durable WireLess Remote radio
Used in industrial and object-moving aplications
Wireless Matched-Pairs Design is more convenient, dispence with changing crystals and pairing with professional equipment
Automatic Frequency Hopping Function
The ability to choose the best channel
When suffering co-channel interferance, it will transfer to the available channel automatically to eliminate co-channel interference completly
Eassy to remove battery box design
Quickly disassemble the battery and modifythe function throught the data software
IP65 Protection grade ensures the controller can be work with normally in harsh environment such as high oil pollution and high temperature
Adopt special dust-proof structure and reliable metal contact key, to be avoid the failure of the key
Emergency STOP is comply with standards, safe and reliable
When the machine is in a dengeraus state, cut off the power supply throught the emergency stop switch, stop th operation of the equipment, and protect the safetly of the person and equipment.
Specially Designed Start Switch
Adopts the form of non-mechanical contacts, adapts to various complex and harsh working environments, and cooperates with the obvious OFF/ON logo to prevent unautorized use effectively and reduce the occurrence of safetey accidents.

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