Hydraulic valve AMI with 6 function Proportional Remote Radio Scanreco G2B for Basket lift

valve AMI 6 functions

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Hydraulic valve AMI with 6 function Proportional Remote Radio Scanreco G2B for Basket lift

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Scanreco RC400 Radio Remote Control Systems

Extremely easy to use, safe, fast and precise; its electronic core, based on advanced microprocessor technology, is highly configurable. With this kit you can control Basket lift

Typically require 6 functions

Transmitter (Hand set) - Horn
Stop/Start - RPM +/- Function
Pilot Valve (up to 70ltr/min)
Full Wiring Kit
2 x Batteries & Charger Unit
Full Handbook Instructions

Hydraulic valve AMI 6 functions 

Product information: 

Nominal flow rate: 30l/min

MAX working pressure: 310bar

MAX return backpressure: 210 bar 

Standard PRESSURE RELIEF valve, may be set : min 20bar - max 250 bar 

Operating temeprature: min - 30°C - max + 80°C

MAX spool leakage at 100 bar (Temp. 50°C Visc. 27 CST) 


P: 3/8" BSP

A-B:  3/8" BSP

T:  3/8" BSP

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