Juuko Radio Remote Controller with 4 handle manipulators

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Radio remote control for industrial use.

The versatility of the device provides a wide range of applications. The radio can be
adapted, among others, to:
- car cranes,
- lifts
- car platforms,
- garbage trucks,
- tankers,
- booms ( hydraulic arms ),
- concret pumps etc.

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Transmitter and receiver enable wireless control of devices equipped with 4-section proportional hydraulic valve ( distributor ) with PWM current inputs or digital inputs.

Available also versions for overhead cranes, hoists etc. controled by digital signals or analogue signals 0-10V.
Low operating costs, quick service and availability of spare parts.
Main advantages:
- Three battery charging options as standard ( among others fast induction charging )
- Built-in battery saving system
- LED messages indicating which mechanism is currently being controlled by operator
-Maintained safety in accordance with the applicable standards
- Low susceptibility to interferences – radio searches for a free frequency by itself
- Range approx. 100m
- The ability to configurate the transmitter to the specification of the individual customer ( including the ability to add switches, buttons, logic settings etc. ).
- As option G-Sensor – in the event of sudden shock or drop of the transmitter, the radio control switches off, which increase safety
- Possibility of synchronized operation of several radio controls with several machines
- The receiver saves the history of use ( including the time of switching on a given function, how many times a given function was activated etc. ).

Set consist:
- Transmitter type M with four linear joysticks and switches, inductive charging module
- Carrying bag with shoulder belt
- Shoulder belt
- Belly belt
- Inductive charger
-Receiver HSV with outputs PWM for four hydraulic valve`s sections and added digital outputs. Receiver with cable ended with wired plugs DIN, AMP or different
- External antena with cable
- Assembly elements
- Manual with schemes

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