Radio remote JUUKO 12 V HS-20004PE WITH 2 joysticks on off

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HM line

The light, small-sized transmitter enables the operation and intuitive operation of the controlled machines.

Radio control is designed for:
- industry: for overhead cranes, construction cranes, rail vehicles and many other applications
- for service and maintenance work by the user
- for companies providing rental and leasing services (collects usage data).

More details

2 600 $

- transmitter - buttons protected by an external frame and rubber covers
- in the event of a fall or sudden shock of the transmitter, the control switches off and at the same time emits a light and sound signal;
- the ability to synchronize the work of several radio controls with several machines
- the receiver saves the history of use
- receiver with cables, wide range of supply voltages (electrical diagram on the cover)
- the device looks for a free frequency itself

Three ways to charge:
- traditional charging (charging the batteries with a charger)
- put the transmitter on the inductive charger
- we take out the niche with the batteries and put it on the induction charger

Set contains:
- M series transmitter
- Carrying bag with shoulder strap
- Shoulder strap
- Waist belt
- Inductive charger
- Optional mains charger + 4 pcs. AA battery
- HS receiver with 17 relays with cable
- External antenna with cable
- Fitting elements
- Instructions

Technical Data:

Layout 2*Joystick, 6*Paddle & switches

Weight (including battery) approx. 1036g

Dimensions 200×141.3×139mm

Frequency band 418/ 429/ 433/ 447/ 470 / 915 MHz / 2.4 GHz

Channel space 12.5 kHz

Power supply LR6(AA)1.5V / NiMH(AA)1.2V x4

Stop command response time ~ 50 ms

Command response time ~ 50 ms

Protection degree IP65

Hamming distance ≥ 15

Radio communication bi-directional

Operating and storage temperature (-25°C)~(+55°C) / (-40°C)~(+85°C)

Housing material PA66 (GF30%)

Frequency handling Automatic and dynamic switching between 2 channels

Quantity Discount You Save
5 10% Up to 1 300 $
10 15% Up to 3 900 $
20 25% Up to 13 000 $


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