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 6 Functions.

Customer-specific configuration, fully customisable.

Contact us and we will adapt the radio control to your machine.

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 6 Functions.

Customer-specific configuration, fully customisable.

Contact us and we will adapt the radio control to your machine.


Scanreco RC400 Radio Remote Control Systems.

The Scanreco RC 400 G2B remote control system has been especially developed for

hydraulically driven mobile cranes and machinery. The system is a digital remote

control system based on an extremely advanced microprocessor technology. Years of

exhaustive and demanding testing have shown that the remote control system can

cope with the roughest of environments.

The system is protected against electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation and

can be installed onto all hydraulic valve types (voltage, current pulse width, or

protocol steered) found on the market.

In its basic form the remote control system is comprised of a portable control unit

with manoeuvre levers for proportional control and switches for ON/OFF functions, a

central unit with connection cable for driving proportional electro-hydraulic slide


Digitally coded control information (lever deflection and switch position) is sent from

the portable control unit via radio to the central unit. The portable control unit and

central unit translate the magnitude and direction of the manoeuvre lever deflections

and switch position.

It can be used for six typical proportional functions, e.g.

-Slewing (rotation of crane)

-Main lift



-Grab open / close


You can also choose a different function as below:

1.jpg The "Mini" is a compact and versatile transmitter that can be easily adapted to customer requirements. Thanks to its modular design, the "Mini" can be supplied with either 1 to 6 linear levers or 1 to 3 joysticks and additional buttons and switches. Despite the compact format, all operating elements are sufficiently large and designed for long and fatigue-free operation. In addition to standard functions, the transmitter also offers numerous optional settings and functions for optimum operator guidance. The speed of proportional movements can be set in five stages using a latching switch. The operator receives feedback from the controlled machine via the display and LEDs. Automatic frequency management ensures trouble-free operation even in the event of interference from other radio devices in the vicinity. On-site calibration allows authorized users to adjust system settings without additional tools or software. The transmitter has an individual identification code and communicates with the receiver via a proprietary protocol. This ensures that no other transmitters (from Scanreco or other manufacturers) can accidentally activate the machine. The tamping function complies with performance level "e" (PL e), the highest level according to ISO 13849-1, a legally binding standard for safety-critical control components.

The "G2" receiver is available with proportional and digital outputs as well as a CANopen interface. Thanks to its numerous interfaces and setting options, the "G2" is suitable for practically all mobile hydraulic applications. The analog output signals can control voltage and current-controlled hydraulic valve blocks. Several receivers can be connected together in a master-slave configuration if more functions are required than a single receiver can provide. The numerous functions of the integrated basic controller support a wide range of performance and functions. The basic controller makes it possible to dispense with numerous external electronic components (PLC, relays, diodes, etc.).

The portable control unit is impact and weather resistant and is light weight and compact. Controls are available for 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 manoeuvre functions. The manoeuvre levers are fully proportional and have spring return to the zero position, i.e. a "dead-man’s-handle". The control unit has an emergency stop function which will immediately stop all movement . All manoeuvre levers are protected with a protective frame against unintentional activation and against mechanical damage. The control unit has multi-step micro-speed operation as standard enabling instantaneous temporary reduction of speed and it can also be equipped with a large number of switches for ON/OFF functions. A LED and sound signal are used to indicate such things as operating and battery status and for a simple and diagnostic fault finding. ( See picture of control unit ).

Perfect for 6 functions HIAB, JONSERED,PICKER, HMF, ATLAS, FASSI, PALFINGER, but it also works with many other brands

Ready kit to instal with Danfoss or other valve.

This kit is configured for the most popular machine settings, supporting up to 6 standard crane functions. If you require a different dedicated configuration, we can customize it to meet your needs, including variations in voltage, the number of sections, etc. Please send us a diagram, and we can assist further.

The kit is designed for plug-and-play convenience. We handle everything from the plugs to the software configuration.

We provide technical support and are readily available via email, whatsup and telephone.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] for any inquiries or assistance.

After placing an order, the flow and pressure can be fully adapted to the machine according to the customer's specific requirements.

Note! After your bid please inform us about serial numer of your crane or type of valve then we add right electric plugs.

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Looking for a non-standard product?

We are able to prepare a customized solution especially for you.

Looking for a non-standard product?

We are able to prepare a customized solution especially for you.

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