List of products by brand Wika

About WIKA

A global market leader in pressure and temperature measurement. The company also sets standards for measurement of flow, level and calibration technology. With over 60 years of experience and broad portfolio of high quality precision products makes it a reliable and professional company.

Pressure measurement

Models 111.10 and 111.12

These models are based on proven Bourdon tube measuring technology. Its modular design allows a multitude of configuration options and makes it applicable to wide range of systems. Specifically designed for gaseous and liquid media, that are not highly viscous or crystallising and will not attack copper alloy parts, pneumatics, heating and air-conditioning technology as well as medical engineering.

Models PGS21.100 and PGS21.160

Wherever the process pressure has to be indicated locally and, at the same time, circuits need to be switched, these models find good use. The pressure gauge is manufactured in accordance with DIN 16085 and fulfils all requirements of the relevant standards and regulations for the on-site display of the working pressure of pressure vessels.

Temperature measurement

Model TGS55

Designed to indicate temperature on-site and allow switching circuits at the same time. Specifically applicable for control and regulation of industrial processes, monitoring of plants and switching of circuits, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, process technology and food industry as well as for aggressive media.

Model TG54

The model TG54 bimetal thermometer has been developed and is manufactured in accordance with the EN 13190 standard. The thermometer meets the high requirements of the process industries. The robust, hermetically sealed case with IP65 ingress protection enables use with harsh external conditions and high vibration.

Level measurement

Model FSD-4

This model of electronic flow switch offers full flexibility in monitoring and controlling flow based on the velocities of liquid media. The switch points of the model FSD-4 can be freely configured very easily via the 3-button operation directly on the instrument or optionally via IO-Link.

Model FLC-1222

This flow meter model is a cost-saving solution for flow monitoring. The possibility of a hot tapping installation, without having to empty the flow tube, enables the compact measuring instrument to be installed quickly and easily. The instrument can be used as a mobile or permanent solution.

Flow control

Model BNA

This magnetic level gauge model consists of a bypass chamber, which, as a communicating tube, is connected laterally to a vessel via at least 2 process connections. Through the magnetic field of the permanent magnetic system in the float of the magnetic level gauge, the display elements, through the wall of the bypass chamber, are turned through 180°. Thus the magnetic level gauge clearly displays the level of a vessel without power supply.

Model RLS-2000

It is a reliable and inexpensive float switch made of high-quality plastic. It is particularly suited for measuring the levels of aggressive and corrosive media, such as bases and acids. It is a an ideal solution for cost-sensitive applications such as the monitoring of levels or overflow and dry-run protection.

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