Galtech 1 SECTION DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVE GALTECH Q45 60 l/min (16GPM) Electric solenoid 12V + levers


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SECTIONAL DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVE GALTECH Q45 flow 60 l/min 16 GPM Electric solenoid 12V + lever

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Valve controled electrically and by additional lever.

The levers on the spring that helps back to the vertical position

Perfect for machines and vehicles which require the ability to control distributor of two places: electrically from the cabin and levers standing directly on the valve, as for example. HDS-edged and cranes.

Lever three positions
Position the first neutral (lever positioned vertically piston cylinder stands - oil goes to overflow

Position the second working (lever set to slant forward) piston cylinder extends.

Position the third working (lever set to slant backward) piston cylinder retracts.

Threads inside in valve:
Power 1/2 ''
Return: 1/2 ''
Connecting sections: 1/2 ''

An overflow valve:
Factory set at 175Bar
The possibility of self-regulation, a full rotation change of 30Bar.

Allowable pressure:
Flow: 250 bar
Return: 50Bar
On the sections: 300bar
Permitted the ambient temperature:
-40 ° C to + 60 ° C
Permissible oil temperature:
-15 ° C to + 80 ° C
Oil type:
Hydraulic oil based on mineral oil

HIGH QUALITY Made in Europe !

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