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Founded in 1902 as a metalworking industrial company, the company specializes in the manufacture of hydraulic valves and hydraulic components since 1978. More than 100 years of total experience and professional employees are a guarantee of high quality and reliability.

Badestnost's products are known all over the world as they are used in agriculture and mechanical engineering. The product range includes monoblock and sectional hydraulic valves with directional or solenoid control, diverter or changeover valves.

Monoblock hydraulic valve with solenoid control - Z80ES

It has been manufactured with high precision and offers a reliable product with fewer leaks and easy maintenance. It is a perfect choice if you are designing a new system or trying to get more out of your current system. With two special spools and 6 different monoblock housings, they can meet the specific requirements of customers' applications and hydraulic systems.

Sectional hydraulic valve with directional control - PC70 & joystick

Can be integrated with up to 8 sections. The РC70 hydraulic valve is used to switch and route the working fluid between the head power generators, head power consumers and the tank. Controlled with a joystick.

Changeover valve 6/2 - SVV

The SVV selector has been developed with reliability, versatility and low cost in mind. Manufactured with high precision and advanced techniques. It is a stackable 6/2 changeover valve. SVV can be stacked to up to 3 valves.

Sectional hydraulic valve with solenoid control - ZC100ES

The sectional hydraulic valves with solenoid control are a perfect choice for developers of new applications. With up to eight special spools, these valves can meet the specific requirements and variations of application and hydraulic systems with their double and single acting spools.

Sectional hydraulic valve with directional control - PC100

These distributors are manufactured either as parallel or serial working current valves. They can be integrated with up to 8 sections. The РC100 hydraulic valve is used for switching and routing the working fluid between head generators, consumers and the tank.

Changeover valve 6/2 - DVS

DVS is designed for the selective connection of two consumers using a basic manifold to accommodate the high pressure and the tank connection. The distributor has an electromagnetic control. The housing is made of cast iron and the coils of carburized steel and hardened.

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