Electric Motovibrators or vibrator motors as they are sometimes called.  MVE external Electric Motovibrators consist of an electric motor housed in a cast casing and are found in many types of construction and agricultural equipment including, but not only Excavators and Combine Harvesters.

Electric Motovibrators.MVE External Electric Motovibrators can be used as flow aids, on hoppers or silos to improve material discharge, or as drives on vibrating machines for several purposes such as screening, conveying, sizing, or compacting in a variety of industries.

When the MVE is switched on a centrifugal force is provided by rotation of the eccentric weights. With only one MVE fitted on a vibrating machine a rotating force is provided resulting in a circular movement of the machine. Two counter-rotating MVE fitted in parallel on the same machine provide a linear force resulting in a linear movement of the machine. The requirement of linear or circular movement depends on the application.