Full proportional valve 2 sections SPV 20-120 l/min 12 or 24 V plug and play detend manipulator Speed control


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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - SPV 120 proportional Valve :

SPV120 is a stackable, load sensing, pre-compensated proportional valve provides flow control independent of load pressure from 5 l/min to 125 l/min .

SPV120 oferts precise control and efficiency for a wide range of applications from mobile cranes fire engines, agricultural machniery, aerial platforms & lifts, concreto pumps to mining and drilling machnies.

Standard Threads:

Port P : 3/4 " BSP

Port A/B : 1/2 " BSP

Port T : 3/4n " BSP

Port LSA/LSB : 1/4 "BSP

Port  PM/EHP/EHT :  1/4 "BSP


Retained paddle is a single axis electronic joystick with PWM outputs, able to directly drive a couple of PWM solenoid valves..

Working mode
MAP2L joystick is designed to directly control two proportional solenoid valves (one section of an electrically controlled hydraulic distributor). The PWM command of the coils is feedback controlled, in order to guarantee the current stability
indipendently to external factors (power supply voltage, coil temperature, ...).

Main characteristics:
with version "paddle returning but also available friction version ("retained paddle")

- one proportional section (A+B) direct control (2 PWM outputs max 2.5A);
- adjustable minimum/maximum current for each directions (A+B);
- adjustable rise/fall timeramp up to 25 seconds (step 0.1s);
- adjustable PWM frequency from 50 to 300 Hz;
- input for speed reduction or deadman feature or "fault" output (default);
- output curve shape: linear or parabolic (selectable);
- DV digital output is activate when PWM output is on;

All working parameters are adjustable through a serial port and the ® Windows SepSim program using a special serial port adapter (AISR). The version with voltage signal output is also available (MAS2L)

Specifications :

Power Supply Voltage : 10 ÷ 30 Vdc

Supply current : 90 mA + load

Working Temperature Range : -40 ÷ +70 °C

PWM Output Minimum Current: 50 ÷ 2500 mA  (250 mA preset)

PWM Output Maximum Current:  50 ÷ 2500 mA  (850 mA preset)

PWM Frequencies: 50 ÷ 300  Hz (100 Hz preset)

DV and AUX output maximum current:  2000 mA

Connections: Cable L=20 cm with Deutsch DT04-8 connector

Working Angle : ± 30 degrees

Force for paddle at full stroke : Approx. 3.5N ±10% (measured on the top of paddle)

Ingress Protection Rating : IP66

EMC compatibility : ISO EN 14982:2009

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