mini joysticki set with STU i + 6 PROPORTIONAL DOUBLE WAY + 2 OM OFF forest Maschie

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MIni joysticki set with STU i + 6 PROPORTIONAL DOUBLE WAY + 2 OM OFF forest Maschie

Right and left joystick OTTO

MDCi control unit for OTTO joystick interface and button panel for Forest Crane

Canbus card

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Unleash the full potential of your forestry machinery with our OTTO Joysticks, designed and optimized for demanding forestry applications. Integrated with Stui Faber Communication technology, these joysticks deliver unmatched control and superior machine handling.

With OTTO Joysticks, you get an intuitive, ergonomic interface for precise control of your forestry machinery. Whether you are operating felling heads, forwarders, or harvesters, these joysticks offer smooth and reliable functionality.

Our OTTO Joysticks are engineered with durability in mind to withstand the challenging forest environment. They are resistant to dust, dirt, and moisture, ensuring their reliable operation even in the harshest conditions.

Stui Faber Communication integration further enhances their value. This technology offers seamless communication with your machinery, providing real-time feedback and ensuring optimum performance. It simplifies the interface, allowing operators to control machinery with improved accuracy and efficiency.

Technical data :


CANBus card for analog/digital inputs.


MDCi is an electronic board with CANBus interface to

simulate 2 JC joysticks with 2 Otto joystick and push button dashboard.

The transmission has course immediately after the turning on of the

electronic card.


- supply voltage from 10 to 30 Vdc

- CAN V2.0B communication bus

- 120 Ohm inner terminator not present in this version

- 2 diagnostic LEDs (red and green)

- firmware updatable by integrated serial port


Red LED flashing one time: short circuit error on the +5V stabilized output

Red LED flashing two times: one of the analog inputs has been found not at rest position during the turning on, this

input is blocked until a reset.

Green LED On: the electronic card is working correctly.

The green LED flashes one time every time an input (analog or on/off) change status.

MDCi contro unit for OTTO joystick interface
and button panel for Forest Crane
Mounting version: X1
Firmware: mdc_P5_01.hex
Cfg file: mdc_P5_01.cfg

Bez tytułu.jpg

to have the cable L = 1.5m it is necessary to
- make the joystick / cable connections 7x0.75mmq by removing the
original connector
- put the corrugated sheath and fix it to the bottom of the joystick (see photo)
- connect the 7x0.75 cable to the Deutsch 6-pin female connector
to male contacts

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply Voltage : 10Vdc÷30Vdc (inner 5x20 8A fuse type F8A)

Current absorpion : 300mA + load outputs (max 7.5A)

Wroking Temperature Range : -20 ÷+ 70 C

Supply for external poterntiometers: +5V - max current 50mA

PWM minimum current range : from 100 to 2500 mA

PweM maximum current range: from 100 to 2500mA

PWM frequency : 50-60-70-85-100-125-150-200-250-300 Hz

Analog inputs impedance: 11 KOhm towards 2.5V

Overlall dimensions with connector mounted: 256x210x45mm

Drill interasis : 242x142mm (n. 4 holes of 6mm diameter)

Key Features:

  • Designed for precision control in forestry applications.
  • Integrated with Stui Faber Communication for seamless machine interaction.
  • Robust construction, resistant to dust, dirt, and moisture.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable operation over extended periods.
  • Suited for use with various forestry machinery including felling heads, forwarders, and harvesters.

Upgrade to OTTO Joysticks today and experience the difference in your forestry operations. Optimized control, improved communication, and robust construction make these joysticks a winning choice for any forestry professional.

Please note that the details provided are general and might not fully apply to all OTTO Joystick models. Check the product specifications to ensure the model fits your needs.

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