Monoblock Hydraulic Bank Motor 3 Spool Valves 120 l/min 31 GPM 24 V + JUUKO Wireless Control Panel

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+ JUUKO HSK 600 Industrial Remote Crane Control Radio System kit include all cables

Remote radio 6 buttons pdf instruction

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Valve controlled electrically and by additional lever.

The levers on the spring that helps back to the vertical position

Perfect for machines and vehicles which require the ability to control distributor of two places: electrically from the cabin and levers standing directly on the valve, as for example. HDS-edged and cranes.

Lever three positions
Position the first neutral (lever positioned vertically piston cylinder stands - oil goes to overflow

Position the second working (lever set to slant forward) piston cylinder extends.

Position the third working (lever set to slant backward) piston cylinder retracts.

Threads inside valve:

Power P 3/4''BSP

A/B cylinders: 3/4 ''BSP

Return Tank T: 3/4'' BSP

On overflow valve:
Factory set at 175Bar
The possibility of self-regulation, a full rotation change pressure for 30Bar.

Allowable pressure:
Flow: 160 bar
Max pressure: 350bar
Permitted the ambient temperature:
-40 ° C to + 60 ° C
Permissible oil temperature:
-15 ° C to + 80 ° C
Oil type:
Hydraulic oil based on mineral oil

HIGH QUALITY Made in Europe !

JUUKO HSK 600 Industrial Remote Crane Control Radio System
Frequency band 433MHz~434MHz
Modulation method GFSK
Typical operating range 100 m
Control system PLL
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Typical response time for Stop command and commands 50ms ~ 100 ms
Power supply LR6(AA)1.5V x2
Average power consumption 8mA@DC3V
Operating and storage temperature (-20°C)~(+55°C)/(-40°C)~(+65°C)
Radio-frequency power <10dbm
Protection degree IP65
Weight 226g
Housing material PA (30% GF)

Independent LED’s,indicate the status of the battery.
Switching power system.
Activation of the transmitter is protected by an electronic key-code and an auto shut-off option which is programmable.
The system automatically change to a another frequency in the presence of radio interference.
Eco power management system. Save on batteries.
It can receive and display via LED 1 and LED 2, signals coming from the machine control system (relay action feedback).
Mushrooms type EMO button.
Wireless pairing procedure using the keyboard pushbuttons.

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