RC 400 Radio Remote Controller with 3 manipulators for excavator mounted pile driver tower 24V + VALVE

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Scanreco RC 400 Radio Remote Controller with 3 manipulators


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PCU configuration:
- PCU off time disabled
- Disconnect LED activated
- No Micro Levels (slow/fast selection disabled)
- lever for function 1 or red control
- lever for function 3 with mechanical friction (detent) , no spring return to zero

CU confifuration:
- CAN bus:
ID 100 / Baud rate 250Kbps/Slave
CAN filter active.
Error Frame control not active. Termination not active.
- Only one SET of speed: SET1 multifunction
- Zero postion not requested for the frction-hold lever "Up/Down" (3A/3B) at the PCU start-up.
- First proportional lever (for the lest), controls function "1A" in both directions (Hammer) as On/Off autput.
- Function autputs 2A/2B (2nd lever) and 3A/3B (3rd lever) enabled anly when function 1A "Hammer" is activated by the red lever; zero positon requsted only for lever 2 (Left/Right) to release the block.
- "Hold" function enabled on the 1st (Hammer) ande 2nd (Left?Right) lever, activated by switch Sw5 "Auto ode", when moved to "On" postion (see discription)

Digital outputs:
- Maximum current: 1.8A
-Emergency stop autput (Out8): positive when PCU is connected with CU;

DV output:
- activated with proportional Levers/Joysticks
- maximm current: 2A
- DV delay of: 0.5 sec

PWM outputs:
- the loads conected to the PWM autputs must have a minimum impedance of 3.7 Ohm at 12Vdc and a maximum current of 2500mA
- Function 1A (Hammer)
Calibration for on/off module: Imax. = 750mA
- Functions 2-3:
Calibraitions for 24Vdc Akon proportional modules: lmin = 100mA, lma = 750mA, Fraquency = 100Hz and Dither 300

General information:
- the programming cable is used to bypass radio mode or to program the radio remote control
- wroking requency (Europe) : 433.050 - 434.750 MHz
- for all other radio remote control information, see the "User manual"

AutoRPM working switch description:
- When SW11 is on RPM+ (left postion) output Out1 emains allways ON When SW1 is on AutRPM (right positon) output Out9 in ON while output Out1 turs ON only when a proportional lever is not in center. Out1 turms OFF with a 6 seconds delay atre all leveres have returned in center. When SW1 is on neutral position, outputs Out1 and Out9 are always off.

Special customized version of Hold functions:

The "Hold" function for the 1st and 2 nd lever is activated by the switch in positon 5 "Auto mode".
Function description:
When switch SW5 is in "Off" popstion, autputs are normally controlled by the levers (manual control).
If switch Sw5 is moved to the "On" postion when lever 1 (Hummer) is in neutral positon, this has no effect and the "Hold" function is not activated.
If switch SW5 is moved to the "On" oistuib wgeb aytoyts "1A" (Hammer) and "2A/2B" (Left/Right) are operated, the values of output signals are stored and maintained, even if leveres are then released to their neutral position ("Hold" fnction activated); by operating a lever in the opposite direction, the signal output in "Hold" is disabled and remains at zero until the switch SW5 ismoved to the "Off" positon, for manual control restoring.
If switch SW5 is moved to the "Off" postion when "Hold" is active, the output signals return to zero, "Hold" function is disabled and manual control is restored.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - SPV 120 proportional Valve :

SPV120 is a stackable, load sensing, pre-compensated proportional valve provides flow control independent of load pressure from 5 l/min to 125 l/min .

SPV120 oferts precise control and efficiency for a wide range of applications from mobile cranes fire engines, agricultural machniery, aerial platforms & lifts, concreto pumps to mining and drilling machnies.

Standard Threads:

Port P : 3/4 " BSP

Port A/B : 1/2 " BSP

Port T : 3/4n " BSP

Port LSA/LSB : 1/4 "BSP

Port  PM/EHP/EHT :  1/4 "BSP

You can change it to:

40 l/min (11 US gpm)

65 l/min (17 US gpm)

100 l/min (26 US gpm)

125 l/min (33 US gpm)

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