Sideloader self-loading trailer, Container Side Lifter

Container side lifters, also known as Container Side Loaders, play a pivotal role in efficiently moving and handling containers. In today's world, where technological innovations are constantly introduced, there is a continuous pursuit to enhance and adapt these devices to the changing market needs, while increasing operational efficiency and safety. One such enhancement is the utilization of adding Scanreco radio control and exchanging valve blocks to Walvoil and OMFB.

Scanreco Radio Control:

Scanreco radio control stands as a revolutionary solution, allowing operators of container side lifters to remotely control the machine. This advanced technological tool not only provides greater freedom of movement but also enhances operator safety. With this solution, operators can work from a safe distance while maintaining full control over the machine.

Key features of Scanreco radio control include:

Precise real-time control of the lifter's movements.

Monitoring lifter parameters from a convenient location for the operator.

Intuitive user interface providing easy and comfortable operation.

High reliability and interference resistance, ensuring stable operation even in challenging conditions.

Exchanging Valve Blocks to Walvoil and OMFB:

Another significant upgrade for container side lifters is exchanging the standard hydraulic valve block with advanced units from Walvoil and OMFB. Modern valve blocks from these manufacturers offer a range of benefits that can significantly improve the lifter's efficiency and functionality.

Primary capabilities and features of the new valve blocks include:

Optimal control of hydraulic flow and pressure, enabling precise lifter operation.

Integrated protections against overload and hydraulic damage.

Ergonomic design and intuitive control, increasing operator comfort.

Exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring long-term and trouble-free operation.

Radio Remote, Valves for Sideloader Self-Loading Trailer, Container Side Lifter

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