Single lever valve for log splitter High speed P81-Rs-G12

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There is no need to use a 2-section divider, because the return of the piston rod is carried out by a hydraulic latch.
Thanks to the additional position the accelerator distributor saves time up to 30%.

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Additional lever position (3), the so-called accelerate, it allows you to increase the speed of the piston rod extension. We use it to cover the idle section faster. When the blade reaches the stump, switch off the accelerator (loosen the lever (2)) to increase the pressure.

There is no need to use a 2-section divider, because the return of the piston rod is realized through the hydraulic latch in position 2.

It works so that after placing the lever in position 2, the actuator will make a return movement, and when the piston rests against the bottom of the actuator, the increase in pressure will automatically return the lever to position 0. The hydraulic latch is adjustable so it is possible to adjust the pressure at which the lever from position 2 has return to position 0. As standard, it is set to 70 bar, but it is possible to adjust it independently in the range of 70 - 140 bar

Port T : 3/4" BSP

Port A/B: 1/2" BSP

Port P: 3/4 BSP 


Designed specifically for wood splitters. The spool is acted on by a spring in one direction, and there is a spring-back latch in the other. During splitting, for safety reasons, the splitter requires the lever to be held down, while the return of the piston rod is on a latch that springs back on its own when the actuator retracts all the way and returns to the start position.

This solution allows the trunk to change and clean the shells during the piston return movement. In addition, when the piston rod returns, the latch itself pops off and relieves the pump, so the hydraulic system does not heat up. In the neutral position, the oil flows freely through the distributor and goes to the return channel to the tank.


The manifold additionally has an accelerator, which increases the speed of piston rod extension. Control between accelerated mode and power mode is done manually. Accelerated mode is recommended to be set when the piston rod extends and is on its way to the trunk, while after reaching the trunk it is recommended to switch to power mode, the piston rod then slows down, but acquires the pressing power needed to split the trunk.

Manifold with accelerator is an ideal solution when there is an electric or internal combustion engine with too little power in the system and in order to maintain the high pressure in the system, needed for the proper operation of the splitter, we are forced to install a pump with low oil capacity.

Technical data:

Recommended oil flow of the system: 0 - 80 l/min.

Example control: 2-way actuator.

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