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Stump Grinder

Optimize your stump grinding operations with our comprehensive Scanreco Radio Remote, specifically designed for a wide range of the most popular stump grinders including Bandit, Power King, Husqvarna, DK2, Dosko, Barreto, Vermeer, Kubota, NorthernStar, All Power America, and Bluebird. This kit offers unparalleled control and efficiency, allowing operators to manage their stump grinding tasks with greater precision and safety from a distance.

Our kit is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment, providing a robust and reliable remote-control solution that withstands the demanding conditions of stump grinding. Whether you're dealing with tough hardwoods or navigating through challenging terrains, this kit ensures your operations are smooth and uninterrupted.

Featuring easy installation and user-friendly controls, the Scanreco Radio Remote Replacement Kit enhances the functionality of your stump grinders, making it an essential upgrade for professionals seeking to improve their productivity and reduce downtime. With compatibility across multiple leading brands, this kit is the ultimate tool for maximizing the performance of your stump grinding machinery

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Send us photos of your hydraulic valve or a PDF data sheet if available; we'll check the possibility to upgrade or replace the existing valve and add Radio Remote. Our expert team is ready to assist you in enhancing your equipment's performance and efficiency

Our customers receive comprehensive assistance from our Hydraulic Master team in selecting the right hydraulic valves. Our team of trained specialists is available to answer any questions and guide customers through the selection process. With the option for video calls via Teamviewer or WhatsApp, we provide additional support for customers who may need further assistance. This high level of support ensures that customers can have confidence in choosing the correct hydraulic valve kit for their needs.

Radio Remote Scanreco for Power King, Husqvarna, DK2, Dosko, Barreto, Vermeer, Bandit

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