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We supply on/off and proportional electronic controllers and accessories designed to operate hydraulic valves. Our products are compatible with a wide variety of machinery, including Excavators, Mobile Excavators, Industrial Excavators, Mini Excavators, Bulldozers, Dozers, Crawler Loaders, Off-Highway Trucks, Off-Road Trucks, Articulated Dump Trucks, Articulated Dumpsters, Backhoe Loaders, Compactors, Pipelayers, Rams, Drilling Rigs, Graders, Material Handling Machinery, Truck Lower Loaders, Low Loaders, Envelope Excavators, Crawler Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Trucks, Loaders, Pipe Layers, Drilling Equipment, Telehandlers, and Crawlers.

At Hydraulic Master, we offer ready solutions with standard switches, knobs, levers, and buttons. However, please note that if you require an individual configuration or a non-standard solution, we have the capability to design and build your controller based on the information provided via email or phone. We offer full customization options, including different sizes, lengths, and numbers of outputs, to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Lookig for individual wires solution?

Feel free to contact us for a fully customized project. Send us your electrical diagram or simply explain what functions you need to control and with which equipment. We will create the perfect plug-and-play wiring solution for you.

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  • Digital control box...

    Our digital control panel offers streamlined on/off functionality, designed to support a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. This panel is engineered to deliver precise control with the following features:

    Functionality: Available with up to 10 functions, accommodating various operational needs. This includes switches with configurations such as on-off-on or on-off, providing users with flexibility in control schemes.

    Return Mechanism: Options include detent for maintaining the switch position until manually changed, or a spring return to neutral position, which automatically returns the switch to a neutral state after release. This allows for greater control and safety, depending on the application requirements.

    Cable Length: To ensure compatibility with different setups and operational environments, multiple cable lengths are available, with options extending up to 10 meters (approximately 32 feet). This flexibility aids in seamless integration into various workspace layouts without the need for extensive modifications.

    Voltage Compatibility: Designed to operate with a power supply of 12/24 V, making it suitable for a broad array of equipment and vehicles. This wide voltage range ensures compatibility with both standard and specialized electrical systems.

    Digital Interface: The control panel features a user-friendly digital interface, enhancing ease of use and allowing for quick adjustments. This digital aspect ensures precise control over connected devices, improving operational efficiency and safety.

    Our digital control panel is an ideal solution for users seeking a reliable, customizable control system that can be tailored to a wide array of on/off applications. Whether for industrial machinery, automotive applications, or specialized equipment, this panel provides the versatility and precision needed for optimal control.

    Feel free to contact us to build your own configuration that fits perfectly with your requirements. At Hydraulic-Master, you receive full technical support and advanced solutions

  • Proportional and...

    Our fully customized wired controllers are designed to cater to a broad range of industrial applications, offering both proportional and on/off signal control options. These controllers can be tailored to match your specific requirements, ensuring precision and ease of operation for various machinery and equipment.

    Proportional Control: Our proportional controllers utilize advanced technology to allow for precise control over equipment speed and movement. By adjusting the signal intensity, operators can achieve fine-tuned manipulation of machinery, leading to smoother operations and enhanced productivity. These controllers are ideal for applications requiring delicate handling, such as crane operation, vehicle control, or machinery that demands variable speed control.

    On/Off Control: For applications requiring a simpler, binary approach, our on/off control panel provides a straightforward solution. These controls are perfect for operations where machinery needs to be either fully engaged or completely stopped, without the need for intermediate states. On/off controls are commonly used in applications such as conveyor systems, pumps, and fans.

    Signal Options: Our controllers support both Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Radiomatic outputs, offering versatility to match the communication protocols of your equipment. PWM signals provide a method for controlling the power supplied to devices, ideal for managing the speed of motors, while Radiomatic outputs are suited for wireless communication setups, ensuring reliable transmission even in demanding industrial environments.

    Customization Options: To ensure that our controllers meet your operational needs, they can be equipped with a variety of input devices:

    Knobs for precise adjustments,

    Buttons and switches for direct action commands,

    Hall sensors for non-contact movement detection, and

    Joysticks for multi-directional control.

    Each controller can be further personalized with different cable lengths, ensuring that your setup is optimized for the layout of your workspace, minimizing clutter and enhancing safety

  • Wireless Radio Remote...

    The Juuko HVK series of radio remote controls is designed for various heavy-duty and industrial applications, providing an optimal blend of functionality, reliability, and operational safety. Here are the main points and features of the Juuko HVK radio remote system:

    Wide Range of Applications: Juuko HVK remotes are ideal for overhead cranes, jib cranes, hoists, and various other machines requiring precise and constant radio communication.

    Robust Communication: Features a 2.4 GHz strong and interference-free long-range control, with a Frequency Hopping mechanism for enhanced security.

    Durable Battery Life: Durable, long-lasting lithium battery provides all-day operation on a single charge, leading to increased worker efficiency.

    Transmission Customization: Options to adapt the number of pushbuttons, along with joystick and rotary switch inclusions to better suit different crane and equipment control levels.

    Innovative LCD Display: Provides direct system readouts, command confirmations, and computerized function displays for a range of system indicators, on the transmitters designed to streamline real-time user communication.

    Robust Temperature Range: Shock-resistant, IP65 rated encasement, and control elements that can operate under extreme temperatures, assuring the remote is tough enough for all work conditions.

    Rapid Charging and Dockability: Nautilus waterproof structure provides weight-off base charging and rapid turnaround between working periods.

    Secure Start-Up System: UL certified and CUL approved with a pre-installed scan mechanism to ensure secure starting, with pre-custom configurations for smooth device reboot.

    HAM (Hold Against Machine) Guard Technology: Idealized auto-stop element that advances the vehicle or work arrestor instantly upon touch to minimal impact, supporting safety and guaranteeing limited loss in engine malfunctions.

    Data Configuration Backup and Advanced Orders: Supporting a platform for high-command engine queuing with a feasibility for strong and layered traffic direction, having the user edit and apply either specified or assembled pre-orders from a rear distance.

    Specific Outdoor Adjustments: Modifiable control grid counters and speed sensitivity, agile for industry-dependent or offside motion patency, plus laconic acknowledgment for extended freeform control.

    Juuko’s HVK line exemplifies how design ingenuity and high-level performance recalibrations meet, in all taking proposed current project swiftness and safety prerequisites to a substantial record high, structuring a co-partner in the medium to high industrial engineer tips

  • Electric Joystick...

    2-axis or 4-axis joysticks equipped with Hall sensors and potentiometers, offering precise control and feedback. These joysticks support both analogue ratiometric (voltage) and PWM (power control) for versatile application compatibility. They also feature a digital on/off signal for straightforward operation. With an IP67 rating, they are protected against dust and water immersion, ensuring durability in challenging environments. Each joystick can accommodate up to 12 functions

  • Electic cable and plug

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