Digital control box with switch on-off-on

Our digital control panel offers streamlined on/off functionality, designed to support a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. This panel is engineered to deliver precise control with the following features:

Functionality: Available with up to 10 functions, accommodating various operational needs. This includes switches with configurations such as on-off-on or on-off, providing users with flexibility in control schemes.

Return Mechanism: Options include detent for maintaining the switch position until manually changed, or a spring return to neutral position, which automatically returns the switch to a neutral state after release. This allows for greater control and safety, depending on the application requirements.

Cable Length: To ensure compatibility with different setups and operational environments, multiple cable lengths are available, with options extending up to 10 meters (approximately 32 feet). This flexibility aids in seamless integration into various workspace layouts without the need for extensive modifications.

Voltage Compatibility: Designed to operate with a power supply of 12/24 V, making it suitable for a broad array of equipment and vehicles. This wide voltage range ensures compatibility with both standard and specialized electrical systems.

Digital Interface: The control panel features a user-friendly digital interface, enhancing ease of use and allowing for quick adjustments. This digital aspect ensures precise control over connected devices, improving operational efficiency and safety.

Our digital control panel is an ideal solution for users seeking a reliable, customizable control system that can be tailored to a wide array of on/off applications. Whether for industrial machinery, automotive applications, or specialized equipment, this panel provides the versatility and precision needed for optimal control.

Feel free to contact us to build your own configuration that fits perfectly with your requirements. At Hydraulic-Master, you receive full technical support and advanced solutions

Control box with switches to agriculture machinery on-off-on up to 10 functions

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