Radio Remote with Proportional Valve plug and play set

Scanreco Radio features 1-8 linear levers or 1-3 joysticks, along with various toggle switches, pushbuttons, and rotary switches. It offers approximately 10 hours of operation on a single charge and provides 8 bi-directional proportional outputs along with 14 digital outputs. Additionally, it is compatible with Walvoil Sectional DPX 50/100/160 post-compensated proportional valves

If you're uncertain about which kit will be plug-and-play, please contact Hydraulic-Master by phone, WhatsApp, or email. Send us photos of your hydraulic valve, machine or hydraulic diagram if available so we can identify it and offer you the correct set according to your crane's requirements. Please note, all Radio Remotes you receive from us will already be programmed.  We also provide assistance during the installation proces for free.

Scanreco Radio features 1-8 linear levers or 1-3 joysticks

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