Loader joystick control kit

Published : 11/14/2018 12:48:57
Categories : Hydraulic valves

In the most often found loader joystick control kits you can find few basic elements which will help you install your hydraulic joystick controller to your construction machine and start your work in few minutes

First of all and of course the most important part is the joystick. Depending by the model of your loader joystick control kit you have bought you will find different types of materials used in production of your joystick. Rubber end-heads and specially strengthened plastic elements are often found in almost every new model nowadays. It is all about the convenience of user here of course because loaders must be powerful and precise.

Loader joystick is connected to the control platform where you can find most of the useful buttons which are responsible for different actions in your construction machine. For example amount of speed actions in your loader, windshield wipers and many many more. Besides well designed buttons you will find advanced and easy to use knobs which can be responsible for gas in your machine engine or power of your loader. Everything in control platforms is well design and pleasant to use these days.

Set of cables could also be found in your hydraulic joystick control kit. You can plug them into specific functions which where listed before like for example windshield wipers and many more.

Another important part of your loader joystick control kit is of course the valve. Without the valve your kit would be worthless. Today’s valves are commonly made of brass which help them last much longer because brass do not corrode that fast and brass is resistant to damage even in sea water. By plugging your specially hardened hydraulic cables into the valve and connect them with your joystick you can start working even in a moment! Specially hardened hydraulic cables could of course be found in your control kit. Top class aluminum alloys and stiffened rubber in hydraulic cables are in standards nowadays.

Besides listed elements you will need to find an instruction in your control kit which will help you connect everything together and start working even today!




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