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Published : 11/15/2018 13:55:21
Categories : Hydraulic valves

We live in the days when machines are much powerful than even before. Their creators try as best as they can to provide the best technology features to our machines to make our work much easier and precise. One of the examples of that actions is monoblock engine. It is an internal-combustion piston engine where some of the major components like cylinder head, cylinder block, or crankcase are formed, usually by precise casting, as a single integral powerful unit, rather than being assembled later.

Why is it so special? You probably heard a lot of for example oil cases from engine. Monoblock engine prevent situations like this because it is made like a one piece. It is improving mechanical stiffness, and also improving the reliability of the sealing between them. It is now usual and un-noteworthy practice to use monoblock cylinders and crankcases, but a monoblock head in water-cooled inline engine would be regarded as a very bad decision.

The head gasket is the most highly stressed static seal in an engine and was a source of considerable trouble in early years. The monoblock cylinder head forms both cylinder and head in one unit, thus avoiding the need for a seal. Monoblock head could provide good water cooling, thus reduced valve wear, as it could extend the water jacket uninterrupted around both head and cylinder.

The drawback of the monoblock head is that access to the inside of the combustion chamber which is located in the upper volume of the cylinder becomes much more difficult. Access through the cylinder bore is restricted for machining the valve seats, or simply for inserting angled valves. An even more serious restriction is that for the maintenance task of de-coking and re-grinding the valve seats, a regular task on older engines. Rather than removing the cylinder head from above, the mechanic must now remove pistons, connecting rods and the entire crankshaft from beneath.

 Besides listed before advantages and disadvantages in our opinion is investing in monoblock engine because difficult installation process is truly worth preventing possible big costs caused by leaky engine which was made by few elements rather than one strong unit.





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