Orbital motor SMR 200 BMP 200 OMP 200 EMP 200 Shaft 32mm


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1. Roller bearings instead of the usual rigid inserts
2. Can be connected in series and in parallel.
3. High starting torque and smooth operation just after starting.
4. High resistance to axial and radial forces.
5. Simple installation.
6. Low noise.
7. Long service life even under extremely harsh conditions of use.

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Permissible ambient temperature: -40 ° C to + 80 ° C
Permissible oil temperature: -15 ° C to + 80 ° C
Oil type: Hydraulic oil based on mineral oil

Absorption [cm3 / rev]: 200.9
Max pressure [bar]: 140
Max. instantaneous pressure [bar]: 175
Max. Torque [Nm]: 369
Rev. Max. [rpm]: 300
Max power [kW]: 8
B [mm]: 35
l [mm]: 165

The motors have a variable direction of rotation and can be connected in series with other motors.

The design of the engines is based on reinforced roller bearings. The rollers ensure the highest resistance to overloads and a long engine life. Roller motors are recommended for systems that work in harsh conditions, with long uninterrupted work in agriculture and industry.
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