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Published : 10/18/2019 14:16:49
Categories : Hydraulic valves


2 spool valve is a device to which fluid can flow from a pump of hydraulic devices under pressure and flow back to a hydraulic storage tank. The valve is moved back and forth by the controller in its housing to move the Hydraulic diverters, due to their control diversity, are widely used in industry.

Hydraulic diverters control the flow of liquids in hydraulic systems. One of the types of manifolds is a slide manifold. It is one of the most frequently chosen diverters, due to the diversity of operation. The spool valve can have different combinations of paths and the number of slider positions spools in different positions.


The main element of the spool valve is the slide. Its shape can be flat, cylindrical or cylindrical (otherwise piston). Most often, however, manifolds with a piston slide are chosen. The way the spool valve works is based on the changing position of the piston, which closes or opens the channel in which the liquid stops or flows. Spool valves are used to change the direction of liquid flow in the system, and this affects the possibility of changing the direction of movement of the receiver, i.e. piston rod or hydraulic motor.


Spool valves are used in many branches of the economy, light and heavy industry, as well as in the shipbuilding industry, mining machinery and mobile techniques. Directional spool valves are used in hydraulic systems and their possibilities are almost limitless. The spool valves have different control methods, including manually operated lever, manually operated knob, mechanically controlled roller and hydraulically controlled.


The hydraulic spool valve is a cylinder in a closed housing. It usually has valves on one side leading to   the pump and tank, and on the other side has valves leading to one or more hydraulic devices. The pressure can flow to the valve from the pump to the hydraulic devices or back to them in the hydraulic storage tank. The main element is the controller that moves the valve back and forth in its housing to move the reels in different positions. This allows the hydraulic fluid to flow only in one direction and perform a specific task.


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