Galtech valves

Published : 09/11/2019 11:30:19
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Galtech valves

Directional valves manufactured by Galtech are characterized by high technical parameters and construction for a wide range of applications. They have special, cast iron bodies that have high strength and are suitable for high pressure work.

A hydraulic distributor is an essential element of any hydraulic system. These are valves that have been designed to control the direction of movement of the liquid in the system. An important function of these devices is to relieve the pump during breaks in the system operation.

The standard configuration of the parallel circuit allows simultaneous operations, and due to the negative overlap and dispensing there is proportional movement at the level of the working port. A serial circuit is also available.

Nickel-plated spools ensure long valve life in even the most demanding operating conditions. The spools are interchangeable and split on both monoblock and segment bodies on some models. This feature enables better inventory management and rotation.

Possibility to switch on the control side with the positioner side by turning the spool 180 °. At the inlet, the transition from P to T is Y-shaped, allowing high flow through the flow with minimal pressure drop.

The task of directional valves is to distribute liquid in the appropriate branches of the hydraulic system. Directional valves can be used as flow shut-off valves or for direct control of hydraulic cylinders and motors.

The Galtech company offers proportional directional valves with electric control, which is characterized by compact dimensions, small pressure drops and very small internal leaks. Such valves are available with a body for "series" and "parallel" circuits and with parallel spools. The Galtech directional valve is available with both electric and manual control in case of failure. Each valve can be mounted with inlet sections and intermediate parts with valves for checking pressure and flow.

Directional valves can be used in agricultural and construction machinery, such as dump trucks, hook loaders, elevators and platforms, but also in home appliances, e.g. mowers. The directional valve is used in devices in which the hydraulic system is based on the construction of segment sectional distributors.

Directional valves are located between the supply element and the receiver. Usually between pump and motor. Connections are made using hydraulic hoses and fasteners.

There are three main types of hydraulic valves: flow direction control valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves.

Galtech valves are easy to use and versatile among others thanks to the availability of many different options and sets.



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