John deere 3rd scv kit

Published : 12/19/2019 10:28:50
Categories : Hydraulic valves

Electrohydraulic SCV John Deere Third Kit - The field- or factory-installed electrohydraulic (EH) third selective control valve (SCV) kit provides an additional rear hydraulic spool-type SVC to give maximum versatility to the 3000 TWENTY Tractors.


Thanks to the EH function, a faster and smoother response to operator movement is possible. The third SCV set contains an ergonomic joystick that is friendly and easy to use, which ensures smooth and quick work of the operator. In addition, the set includes an independent control switch that is used to turn the valves on and off. The kit also includes one spool-type SCV and one 12-V adapter kit. The 12-volt adapter kit is only available on models where the kit was installed at the factory and cannot be purchased separately.

The best working tools with the third John Deere SCV set are Grapple buckets, 4-in-1 buckets and Hydraulic angle front blades. Additional SCV (hydraulic outlets) at the rear of the tractor can be added to different types of tractors.


Agricultural machinery has hydraulic cylinders that are used to raise and lower the cutterbar when passing through the headland. A single-acting SCV selective control valve is used to lift the cutter bar. The operation of the lifting cylinder must not be dependent on the operation of the front linkage.

 A closed hydraulic system with pressure and flow compensation was used in agricultural machinery. This ensures exceptional reliability and high performance parameters. With this system, it is possible to reduce the number of parts and hydraulic connections. Standard equipment on agricultural machines consists of three pairs of SCV external hydraulic rear sockets. The center mounted front hydraulic SCV valves allow work using the front linkage or allow front loader operation. All SCV valves are electronically controlled - this allows for maximum comfort and ensures easy operation of the machine. The SCV valves can be operated with the multifunction lever or the joystick.

Agricultural machinery (8R and 8RT series tractors) offer four, five or six rear SCV electrohydraulic valves with adjustable flow rate, time blocks and shut-off connectors. These tractors provide precise control of the hydraulic flow in the SCV valves. This allows the operator to accurately adjust the flow rate.

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