Solenoid plugs

Published : 12/19/2019 11:22:38
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Solenoid plugs is a device that is necessary for quickly and safely connecting electrical wires to the solenoid. Some plugs are equipped with LED signaling.


Electromagnetic coils are the solenoid valve control element. The solenoid valve is used to cut off or control the flow of liquid or gaseous media. Solenoid valves are used in the construction of installations, machine constructions and other devices. The change of the valve position is caused by the change of the electric signal controlling the valve (this applies to solenoid valves). As the electric current flows through the device, an electromagnetic field is created that attracts the core or the moving anchor. When the spring force is overcome, the core or anchor is pulled all the way to the stop. When the flow of electric current disappears, the magnetic field also disappears, while the core or anchor returns to the starting position. It is a process that arises due to the force of the spring.




Solenoid valves are valves that can be controlled by electric current. Solenoid valves are used wherever it is necessary to automatically control the flow of water. Such devices are primarily watering systems.

Basic solenoid valve contains 2 necessary elements, such as:

  • electromagnet - called a coil - you can get a model with an electromagnet of varying size, voltage and power;

  • the main valve, which is equipped with a so-called mirror, which is a membrane closing or opening the water flow opening.

The solenoid valve uses the phenomenon of the electromagnetic field to perform certain actions. The electrical signal that is transmitted to the coil goes to the magnetic mirror, and this in turn causes the hole to change from open to closed and vice versa. Solenoid valves are unidirectional devices, which means that liquid can only flow in one direction and cannot reverse. The solenoid valve is used in hydraulic systems, in construction, industry and agriculture.


Solenoid plug is therefore necessary for the proper functioning of the solenoid valve.

Technical data of the plugs for electromagnetic coils:

  • Adapted to SC1 and SC2 coils of any voltage

  • Available widths: 15 mm and 22 mm

  • Voltage tolerance is +/- 10%

  • Working temperature: 5 ° C - 60 ° C

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